Regional Voices

Combining Agriculture and Flight

April 28, 2016
Every generation in Australian agribusiness has reinvented the industry in some way. Whether it’s revised processes, advanced technology or just good old fashioned creativity. The one thing that underpins any step forward is people asking themselves, ‘Is there a better way?’
This episode we talk to another young rural professional whose story of innovation and creativity drove him to bring his two passions together in a unique way.
Will Bignell will one day be the seventh generation custodian of his family’s farm in Tasmania but he grew up dreaming of being a pilot. 
Will has brought together his farming background with his love of flight by launching his own business called DroneAg. DroneAg uses drones to gather data for agriculture with a range of applications from counting and herding stock to dam inspections and GPS mapping, accurate to within a few centimetres – all data that was previously unavailable or difficult to gather quickly and easily. 
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