Regional Voices

Horse Breaker, Musician, Family Man

April 28, 2016
Turning your passion into a thriving business is an achievement that is the dream for many but achieved by a few. During our month celebrating young rural professionals on Regional Voices, our next guest has done exactly that.

Tom Curtain began his professional horse training career at Sanford Station in the Northern Territory. Since then he has broken in more than 2000 horses. 
He has always been passionate about life in the Northern Territory. In fact, he felt it special enough to want to educate people about life there. So he started his tourism business, theKatherine Outback Experience with a goal to educate and entertain his visitors.
Tom has a young family and he talks us through his background, his upbringing and the lessons the outback has taught him that he would like to pass down to his children.
This episode of Regional Voices is sponsored by Commonwealth Bank - Regional and Agribusiness Banking.

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