Regional Voices

Young Lawyer

April 28, 2016

Regional and rural Australia is an environment that is rich in innovation and opportunity. But the opportunities do not always just present themselves. It takes a true 'go-getter' to find them and make the most of them.

Sometimes the most innovative ideas are created by entrepreneurs and then the people who make the ideas come to life are the courageous ones.

Australia is built on creativity and bravery from those willing to take a chance, ask questions and challenge the norms.

These are the people we’re celebrating this month on Regional Voices; young rural professionals.

Our first guest on the program this month is a young woman who has taken the plunge and started her own law firm in Mandurah, Western Australia.

A tragic and life-changing event in Kerstin’s early years gave her the motivation and passion to chase her dream and become a lawyer. Now at a mere 25 years old, Kerstin has opened her own law firm.

This month, Regional Voices is sponsored by Commonwealth Bank - Regional and Agribusiness Banking.

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